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Our Customers

"I am really quite happy with it, and think it has made a wonderful contribution to our practice! I like the Uricult Vet system because it allows me to confirm the presence of a urinary tract infection in just 24 hours, instead of having to wait 3 to 7 days for urinary culture results. This saves valuable time for my patients and expense for my clients. If the culture is positive, I can send the growth directly to the lab, and receive antibiotic sensitivity results quickly. I have had excellent success with this product, and feel it has greatly benefited my patients."

".....We think it is a wonderful addition to our busy practice! It is very affordable and also profitable for us. We use it to confirm bacterial cystitis, and also to confirm success of antibiotic therapy. The results have allowed us to fine tune our treatment and achieve better treatment success."

"Uricult has allowed me to practice better medicine. I have found with running urine cultures in-house allows me to control the process much better. It increases integrity of the sample by not letting the sample sit in the mail for days on the way to the lab, which gives the sample time to change thus it not representing what is really going on in the animal.

Another advantage is a new profit center. Urine cultures in my practice have not been done in the past because of cost and due to a high number that came back from the lab negative. Now I do a culture on every urinary tract infection that comes through the door. It is just good medicine."

"Companion Animal Hospital has been using the Uricult Vet urine culture system for over 6 months now. We have found this in-house urine culture system very beneficial for obtaining a quick urinary tract infection diagnosis. This is helpful for newly diagnosed diabetics and hyperadrenocorticoid dogs. We can also quickly tell the difference between cats who have interstitial cystitis and those who need antibiotics for a bacterial infection. This is a great new profit center for any in house laboratory."

"Uricult Vet has become a wonderful addition to our diagnostic options. It allows us to determine whether antibiotics are necessary and which one is probably the most appropriate for the patient."

Melissa S. Hawkins, DVM
Ward Animal Hospital
Nacogdoches, TX

Dr. Dave Ihrke
Chief of Staff
Colonial Manor Animal Hospital
Homer Glen, Illinois

Daniel L Otto DVM
Superior Veterinary Care
4640 Bair Ave
Lincoln, NE 68504

Dr. Steva Stowell-Hardcastle
Companion Animal Hospital
Selinsgrove, PA

Tracey Gamb
Office Manager
Seminole Trail Animal Hospital
Winter Springs, FL, 32708

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